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The Retail & Consumer Goods industry landscape faces significant changes due to shifting consumer behavior, the rise of online retail, increasing competition from discount players, and industry consolidation. These trends make securing healthy, sustainable growth a challenging task for established players and require them to shift their company’s focus while acquiring new capabilities.

Our Retail & Consumer Goods practice is focused on understanding the fundamental trends and challenges facing the industry through proprietary research and analytical tools. We believe that a modern approach to retail management, rooted in a deep understanding of the dynamics of ever-changing consumers, will be the key driver for success in this highly competitive landscape. We work with our clients to improve their sales and margins, build sustainable growth strategies incorporating innovative solutions, and develop online and digital strategies. We also assist our clients in making a transformative change and reinventing their business models to adapt to the sector’s disruptive trends.

Our Expertise

Relevant Experience: Case Studies

Formulating a strategic plan to increase sales volume and market share
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Developing a channel strategy for a leading Israeli beverages company

A national plan to establish Israel as a world leader in the field
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Promoting Israel as a world leader in the field of alternative protein

Developing a retail strategy based on TASC’s “retail-excellence principles” for a leading convenience-store chain

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Retail excellence for a leading convenience-store chain

Formation of digital distribution channels strategy for Israel’s largest food manufacturer
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Digital distribution channels strategy for Israel’s largest food manufacturer

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Publications & Articles

חלבונים להמונים – מהפכת החלבון האלטרנטיבי וההזדמנויות בשוק הישראלי

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The alternative protein revolution – Opportunities in the Israeli market

משבר הקורונה מעורר שינויים טקטוניים בשוק הקמעונאות הישראלי

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COVID effects dramatically on the Israeli retail market

 רווחית eCommerce זיהוי מהלכים אסטרגיים המסיעיים בניהול פעילות

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How to be profitable in the Israeli eCommerce market?

 רווחית eCommerce צמיחת שוק המסחר המקוון בישראל – הגורמים המשפיעים על פעילות

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eCommerce in Israel – Specific Profitable Challenge