Arab sector economic plan for Israel’s Ministry of Finance

Constructing a 5-year economic plan for Israel’s Arab sector valued at NIS 15 billion
  • Business Dilemma:
    Due to growing social and economic gaps between the Arab sector and other sectors, the government decided to formulate an economic development plan for that group. TASC was asked to assist in formulating a plan based on budgetary reallocation.
  • Process:
    Formation of the plan was based on a social and economic gap analysis between Jews and Arabs in Israel; existing policy review, including budgetary distortion diagnosis; and an international benchmark aimed at introducing new budgetary mechanisms. Interviews with representatives of all stakeholders were conducted to better coordinate and engage them with the plan.
  • Strategic Solution & Impact:
    The project resulted in a road map for changing the budgetary-allocation mechanisms of various ministries, ensuring that Arab citizens are budgeted according to their 20% representation in society and often with preferential resource allocation. The program was authorized by the Knesset and TASC’s team is working on implementing the program.

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