Digital consumer credit process improvement at an Israeli bank

Improving the process of digital credit loans
  • Business Dilemma:
    Consumer credit had become highly competitive due to an increase in the number of players. TASC was asked to assist in improving the process of digital credit loans, including the activity of the bank’s credit center, which approves and services customer loans, and to connect the digital center to the bank’s other units.


  • Process:
    Our team conducted market research on consumer credit and a survey of competitors to map the differences after which it conducted an internal analysis that included mapping of work processes, interfaces and systems; characterization of the “customer journey;” and analysis of quantitative data. Our recommendations focused on reducing the number of stations in the process; increasing customer-service efficiency, and strengthening customer experience. An ROI model was developed to prioritize the working plan.


  • Solution & impact:
    After implementing the project recommendations, the process was shortened from several days to a few hours and there was an improvement in customer experience and increase in digital-center efficiency, freeing up time to absorb additional activity without adding resources.

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