Formulating a “business identity” for a leading energy company

Formulating a “business identity” and developing a growth strategy for a leading Israel-based energy company
  • Business Dilemma:

TASC was asked to assist a leading Israel-based energy company in formulating its “business identity” and developing a growth strategy in light of changes in the local and global oil and gas markets and the company’s new ownership structure.


  • Process:

TASC conducted a thorough market analysis of the competitive environment and relevant energy trends in Israel and abroad. In addition, an internal mapping of assets and capabilities was completed based on interviews with market leaders, management’s perception and review of the company’s revenue streams and activities. After formulating the company’s “business identity,” our team analyzed a number of potential long-term strategic pillars and developed a comprehensive growth strategy for implementation of the chosen steps.


  • Strategic solution & impact:

A detailed strategic plan with a significant growth forecast for the next decade was created based on the company’s capabilities and assets, major relevant trends, and its “business identity”. The plan included 10 key strategic pillars, short-term actions, and several initiatives to strengthen the company’s core capabilities. Furthermore, a high-level implementation plan and a gap analysis were included in the final product.


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