Creating a career-planning platform

Collaborating with the Ministry of Economy, National Digital Bureau & JDC to create a career-planning platform based on government data
  • Business Dilemma:
    In an era of unlimited career options and endless websites full of information and advice, there is a need for a single platform with reliable statistics-based information and real-time data on work and education paths. TASC was asked to define the UX catering to the exact needs of potential users, helping them make smarter career decisions based on suitability and feasibility of choosing a particular occupation.
  • Process:
    After a Benchmark of international solutions addressing the digital zone of job and career searches and outlooks, our Digital and Service Design team met potential users as part of the User Research methodology to map the needs of young people at different career stages to characterize an interface that accurately and optimally presents existing information. In the next stage, we analyzed the qualitative research to define, design, and showcase the website wireframes and created a prototype to be tested by users to refine the information and experience on the platform.
  • Strategic Solution & Impact:
    The user research and wireframe prototype design allowed the team to create a solution framework for future development of the planned website, accommodating the exact career information needs of potential users.


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