Defining a designation and operating concept for the Israel Tax Authority (ITA)

Defining a designation and operating concept for the Israel Tax Authority to improve effectiveness
  • Business Dilemma:

Unit designation update based on world tax authorities benchmark and internal analysis of the unit’s capabilities and effectiveness. In accordance with the unit’s designation, update of operating concept, core activity, and organizational structure.

  • Process:

First, TASC performed a current mapping of the unit’s activity through interviews and analysis of internal customer materials. Subsequently, an international benchmark was conducted to examine the manner of audit and enforcement of tax compliance with leading tax authorities. In England and the US, an examination of effectiveness was performed by comparing internal analyses to results and indices abroad. In accordance with the conclusions, an operating concept was formulated along with activity types tailored to the new unit objectives. Following the unit’s redefined designation, an organizational structure was defined

  • Project Outcome & Impact:

A new organizational structure was designed to better suit the needs of  the small businesses segment and an organizational structure was adapted to the unit’s updated main work process to pursue effectiveness in the operating model. The structural change included a whole new division of 6 districts and a redefinition of roles alongside the addition of several new positions.


For more information: Ilan Bronstein, PHD