Designing a global exploration & production strategy

Designing a global E&P business strategy for a major Israeli exploration and production (E&P) company
  • Business Dilemma:
    A major Israeli exploration and production company was re-evaluating its business strategy in light of global trends and unsuccessful investments. The company’s management asked for TASC’s assistance in designing a new strategic plan for the global E&P market.


  • Process:
    The project required in-depth market and internal analyses, followed by recommendations regarding the company’s strategic direction.
    TASC analyzed the E&P market environment, including a review of major trends, and assessed previous investments made by the client. The team developed several alternatives for the company’s development and studied the implications of different market scenarios.


  • Strategic solution & impact:
    TASC provided recommendations on the required strategic moves to expand globally and drive growth.
    The client company adopted TASC’s recommendations and initiated several global initiatives in the following years.

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