Designing a personal digital area and voice and tone guidelines (UX & UI) for the Israel Tax Authority

Assisting the Israel Tax Authority in the design of a new personal digital area and the organization’s voice and tone
  • Business Dilemma:
    The Israel Tax Authority sought to redesign its voice and tone and change professional tax jargon into terms that were understandable to the public. TASC was asked to assist in this endeavor and to design the personal-area interface to make it accessible and tailored to the needs of various users, with the goal of improving the user experience.


  • Process:
    The first step in designing the personal area was to map the existing information architecture in order to understand what the new hierarchy should be. An international Benchmark was held on personal area interfaces and references found were used in designing the new architecture flow. Then, our team mapped the different usage cases of the main categories and designed the different user experiences based on their needs. When designing the voice and tone guidelines, we held workshops with senior management; conducted language research to identify unclear key terms and analyzed forms and documents; created a voice and tone guidance document that included principles and rules for writing texts in various media; and conducted integration workshops with management-level employees to introduce them to the tool kit and guidelines.
  • Strategic Solution & Impact:
    A detailed design of the entire personal area with a clickable prototype, detailed design guidelines (UI) and a full product characterization document ready to be developed by the technical teams. The voice and tone guidance project resulted in a tool kit and recommendations on how to further explain common professional tax terms in a way that is understandable to the public.


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