Designing consumer- and business-credit growth strategy for a Tier-1 payment company

Separating the Go-to-Market strategies for consumer and business credit activities to fulfill ambitious business goals
  • Business Dilemma:
    The recommendations of the Strum Committee and the Increasing Competition in Banking Law resulted in dramatic change to the payment landscape. A leading credit- card company wanted to leverage the opportunity resulting from the change, alongside the challenging competitive environment and asked TASC to assist in mapping and prioritizing alternatives to ensure double-digit growth in both consumer-credit and business-credit activity.
  • Process
    First, the team mapped and evaluated the company’s performance, core competencies, the local battlefield, and drivers of change in the business arena. We then formulated a long list of key initiatives and chose the highest-ranked in the impact-feasibility matrix to yield the largest outstanding-credit potential. Each initiative was developed to a high-level implementation plan, and all initiatives were combined with a detailed Go-To-Market strategic scheme.
  • Strategic solution & impact: Separate Go-to-Market plans for consumer- and business-credit activities were set. The proposed strategy has begun to be implemented in steps, such as shifting business focus, the establishing a new line of business, and changes to the current organizational structure.


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