Designing the government data lake architecture

TASC assisted in designing the government data lake architecture for Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics
  • Business Dilemma:
    The Israeli government published Government Resolution 4753, which aims to increase the use of government information for the purpose of improving government policy, promote research at the state institutions, and increasing the effectiveness of government actions. As part of this decision, it was decided to establish a government data lake in the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) as a supportive research infrastructure for advanced data-driven policies. TASC was asked by CBS to assist in planning this unified data infrastructure’s architecture.


  • Process:
    While collaborating with various government ministries and conducting best-practice research for advanced data solutions, our data team designed the unified data infrastructure’s architecture. The team also reviewed a variety of technologies and tools to assemble and support the various layers of the unified-data infrastructure, including data warehouses, ETL tools, orchestration tools, and data catalogs.


  • Strategic solution:
    The client approved the architecture and the implementation started in mid-2021.

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