Digital health as a national growth engine

Building a national plan to transform the Israeli digital-health market into a significant growth engine for the Israeli economy
  • Business Dilemma:
    TASC was asked to create a national plan, working with multiple government partners, to identify the barriers and provide strategic moves to achieve this goal.
  • Process:
    The project included a thorough review of the barriers to growth in the digital-health market; an analysis of parallel international markets and strategic moves to resolve the barriers; interviews with multiple stakeholders to understand their needs and expectations; and formulation of relevant solutions. Relevant stakeholders included multi-national healthcare providers, pharma and medical device companies, local VCs, local start-up companies, healthcare plans, hospitals, and major technology companies.
  • Strategic solution & impact:
    Our team formed an integrated strategic plan that was submitted as a government decision. More than NIS 1B were invested in promoting the digital-health ecosystem across various service providers, government entities and healthcare-solution providers.


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