Promoting a digital-overland consignment note for heavy cargo and dangerous goods

Assisting a MOT contractor in identifying various challenges and barriers
  • Business Dilemma:
    As part of a master plan for cargo transportation, the Ministry of Transportation sought to implement a digital-overland consignment note for heavy cargo and dangerous goods. The MOT contractor approached TASC to help it better understand the Israeli market by identifying challenges and barriers (technological, cultural and regulatory) in the business.


  • Process:
    Our team started by mapping the Israeli trucking market, including a taxonomy of trucking companies and types of cargo, and conducting interviews with key market players on the business and state sides. We then conducted a benchmark on similar initiatives and characterization of possible alternatives and conducted an analysis of the alternatives. The process ended with the selection of a preferred alternative and detailed characterization based on solution architecture, data model, governance, financing, and regulation.


  • Strategic solution:
    TASC identified a hybrid-solution alternative and suggested a detailed implementation plan, including milestones and recommended schedule.

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