Digital transformation, strategy and government policy design for CBS

Constructing a strategic and digital transformation plan and designing the government data lake architecture for Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS)
  • The Challenge:
    Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics wanted to fully use its data’s potential to promote data-driven governance while digitizing its operation and infrastructure. TASC was asked to assist in formatting a multi-year digital strategy plan, including a digital-transformation plan. In addition, the Israeli government published Government Resolution 4753 to increase the use of government information to improve government policy, promote research at state institutions, and increase effectiveness of government actions. It was decided to establish a government data lake in the CBS as a supportive research infrastructure for advanced data-driven policies. TASC was asked by CBS to assist in planning the unified data infrastructure’s architecture.
  • Process:
    As part of the long-term plan, our digital team assessed CBS’s business processes and identified best practice bureaus around the world. The team redesigned the Bureau’s vision, mission and goals, while recommending 17 digital initiatives and constructing an innovative operating concept to support the plan. Also, collaborating with various government ministries and conducting best-practice research for advanced data solutions, our team designed the unified data infrastructure’s architecture.
  • Strategic Solution & Impact:
    The strategic and digital plan is being implemented and will affect all of the state authorities and consumers & producers of statistical information to base governmental decisions on accurate and relevant data.

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