Due diligence for a leading water-treatment company

Conducting a commercial due-diligence process for a world-leading water-treatment company
  • Business Dilemma:

A large business group that held 50% of a global water-treatment solutions company decided to explore the possibility of selling its stake to a third party. The group’s management requested TASC to conduct a sell-side commercial due-diligence process as a preliminary step.

  • Process:

TASC performed a thorough commercial due-diligence process, as well as an assessment of the strategic plan. The commercial due-diligence report included market analysis of the desalination industry, industry players and competitive dynamics analysis, company performance, and a competitive-position assessment that provided potential investors with key input to their “investment thesis.”

  • Strategic solution & impact:

TASC’s analysis was used as part of a global roadshow and the strategic assessment became the company’s strategy compass over the following years.


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