Comprehensive economic analysis for a global ride company

Performing an in-depth analysis of macro-economic benefits of a ride-sharing service for a tech company
  • Business Dilemma:
    A large Israeli tech-based taxi provider launched a ride-sharing service and was facing regulatory challenges. The company asked TASC to perform an economic analysis of the service as part of its regulatory approval process.
  • Process:
    The analysis was developed in three main steps: an international benchmark regarding traffic congestion, possible ridesharing solutions, and their potential affect on congestion; a potential service-demand forecast among the Israeli population based on a custom-made survey that focused on private-car owners; and a macro-economic analysis of potential benefits from launching the ridesharing service, focusing on the reduction of congestion costs, time savings, environmental impact, parking, and road-infrastructure savings.
  • Strategic solution:
    TASC published an economic analysis position paper that was presented to key regulators and decision-makers. The company is testing the service on a pilot basis.

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