Formulating a forward-looking strategy for an acute-care medical center

Assisting an acute-care medical center in Israel’s North in formulation of a forward-looking strategy
  • Business Dilemma:

The medical center’s management asked TASC to design a long-term strategy that differentiated and created a unique value proposition compared to other medical centers; updated and adapted the center’s services to the needs of the local community and payers; and promoted the center’s goals of high quality medical services & safety, research, education & innovation, and financial stability.


  • Process:

Our team began the process with interviews of key stakeholders such as management & staff, neighboring hospitals, HMO managers in the region, and municipal & community leaders. We then analyzed the center’s work plans and operational & financial data, as well as data from the Ministry of Health and Central Bureau of Statistics and reviewed relevant local and international medical centers to define common and best practices.


  • Strategic solution & impact:

We presented the diagnostic process outcomes at a strategy conference for the medical center and key strategic moves were devised in multi-disciplinary round-tables. The conference insights were processed into a coherent strategic plan and several differentiation and growth alternatives were presented to the medical center. Based on the chosen alternative, strategic and operating plans were formulated and implemented in the medical center’s annual planning process.


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