Global go-to-market strategy for an innovative energy-storage supplier

Assisting in the development of a global go-to-market strategy for an innovative energy-technology storage supplier
  • Business Dilemma:

A company in the energy-storage industry was looking to break into the global market with its storage solution. TASC was asked to develop a comprehensive go-to-market strategy for the client to capture significant market share.


  • Process:

Initially, our team analyzed and modeled the competitive advantages of the company’s storage solution compared to the existing market solutions, reviewed the global energy-storage market, and prioritized relevant markets. Finally, three markets were engaged with detailed entry strategies, including a review of key success factors, detailed market data (potential customers, competitive landscape, market regulations, business partners, economic and business case), alternative business models, and a detailed discussion of a penetration strategy.


  • Strategic solution & impact:

The main outcome was a comprehensive go-to-market playbook with specific implementation steps and a strategic roadmap for each of the selected entry markets. Moreover, the assessment sharpened the company’s unique positioning and competitive advantages. The go-to-market strategy is currently being implemented.


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