Growth strategy for a leading Israeli healthcare provider

Designing a growth strategy for a leading Israeli healthcare provider (HMO) with a focus on digital channels/tools
  • Business Dilemma:
    An Israeli healthcare provider (HMO) suffered from weak differentiation from its competitors and was unable to increase its market share. The HMO’s management and board of directors asked us to assist in developing a long-term strategy to create differentiation/a unique brand and to achieve sustainable growth in market share.
  • Process:
    The project included an analysis of trends and consumer-behavior characteristics in the local & international health environment and an internal and external analysis of the competitive environment and local regulations. Eventually, we designed several strategic alternatives to achieve differentiation and growth, which led to one recommended strategy. We also built a 10-year forecast for market growth under each of the strategic alternatives and the recommended strategy.
  • Strategic solution & impact:
    The leading strategic alternative was approved by the board and management. The  HMO began implementation, including making necessary investments and launching a pilot test and implementing the recommendations in its annual planning process.

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