Advising Israeli government agencies on large infrastructure BOTs

Providing financial advisory services to government agencies on tenders for large-scale infrastructure BOT/PFI projects
  • Business Dilemma:
    The Israeli government, through its various branches, often employs a BOT/PFI procurement method for large-scale projects involving the private sector. These projects require the construction of detailed and intricate tenders and close management to achieve national interests.
  • Process:
    TASC provided full financial advisory services to the government throughout all stages of these procurement processes. Services included determining possible methods for execution of projects; defining the optimal tender strategy; formulating project risk matrix and defining the various parties’ risk allocation; designing financial aspects of the tender and allowing the private sector to raise financing; negotiating with bidders in the tender process; examining bids and selecting the preferred bidder; consulting during closing of the financing; and negotiating final agreements with the concessionaire and lenders.
  • Strategic Solution & Impact:
    TASC helped both the Israeli government and governments abroad in procuring large-scale infrastructure projects, including power stations, roads, rail projects, desalination plants, and public housing.

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