Long-term strategy plan for Israel Port Authority

Long-term strategy plan for Israel Port Authority (IPA)
  • Business Dilemma:
    The Israel Port Authority (IPA) is responsible for developing Israel’s commercial seaports and providing the necessary infrastructure to handle the country’s international maritime trade. IPA’s management asked TASC to prepare a long-term strategic plan.
  • Process:
    The process included an initial phase of mapping regulatory restrictions and the organization’s goals; a review of IPA’s assets; and an international benchmark regarding best practices in port assets and industrial-arena management. Then, the team built a strategy for asset utilization, including methods and location of new tenants; defined the volume of needed areas; and analyzed potential demand. Finally, the team developed a long-term strategy for seaport development.
  • Strategic solution:
    Following approval of the strategy by the IPA’s board of directors and the Ministry of Transportation, TASC provided ongoing consulting services for over a decade on major issues, including the privatization of the Eilat Port Company and Ashdod Port Company and development of future PPP container terminals.

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