Mapping the Israeli telemedicine market

Mapping the Israeli telemedicine market potential for the Ministry of Health
  • Business Dilemma:
    Israel had an opportunity for a G2G deal with China focused on digital health. The G2G directorate approached TASC to assist with an analysis and market mapping of Israel’s telemedicine market and its unique solutions.


  • Process:
    TASC’s analysis summarized the global challenges in digital health, analyzed the global leaders and focused on Israeli companies that provide unique and scalable solutions. The project included mapping global opportunities and challenges in telemedicine, major competitors and telemedicine providers; preparing an in-depth analysis of the Israeli companies’ strengths and unique offerings in the field (including a technical and business understanding of their core competences); shaping and comparing solutions Israel could provide; and analyzing relevant regulatory barriers.


  • Strategic solution & impact:
    The document was presented to the Israeli MOH delegation to China and provided a framework for their negotiations with the Chinese ministry.

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