Developing a multi-year strategic plan for an IT provider

TASC assisted a mid-tier IT provider in developing a multi-year strategic growth plan
  • Business Dilemma:
    The IT market is characterized by rapid changes in technology and customer needs. Therefore, IT companies face significant competition and must establish a unique and sustainable competitive advantage. TASC was asked by an Israeli mid-tier IT provider to assist in formulating a three-year strategic plan to help the client establish a competitive advantage.


  • Process:
    Our team conducted over 30 interviews with the company’s clients and potential clients (CIO, CTO, CMO, etc.), vendors, and industry experts, including holding a strategy workshop for the executive team.  The team then mapped key trends in the IT industry from customer, competitor, and vendor points of view and identified growth areas such as Data & BI, eCommerce, cloud migration, CRM, and marketing automation. In addition, TASC analyzed the current value proposition of the company and examined possible expansions and upgrades, including entering other potential growth areas, encouraging synergies within the company’s units, etc.


  • Strategic solution & impact:
    TASC’s team formulated a strategic plan, including determining guiding principles to create a unique and sustainable competitive advantage. The strategic plan consisted of comprehensive analyses of the IT market trends based on vendors’ future roadmap and anticipated client needs in the coming years. TASC also identified potential companies for acquisition in relevant areas identified in the strategic roadmap.

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