Mapping possible uses of Netivei Israel’s data lake

Mapping the needs of potential customers and formulating specific products for Netivei Israel’s data lake
  • The Challenge:

Developing a usage strategy for national transportation data infrastructure. Mapping the needs of the internal and external consumers of the future data lake and analyzing the gaps, considering industry trends based on comprehensive benchmark research.


  • Process:

As part of the project, a comprehensive international benchmark was presented to identify the use and customers for data lakes. Our team interviewed business stakeholders in the organization and the ecosystem to understand their needs and the gaps they encounter, which then were merged into a list of all possible uses for a transportation data lake in Israel. The operating principles of the data lake were then formulated in terms of contents, customers, data sources, type of data, and accessibility, and the uses were merged into products.


  • Strategic solution & impact:
    Our team delivered a description for each of the products, including possible uses, target audience and key source of information.


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