Formulating a new organizational structure for an industrial company

TASC assisted in formulating an organizational structure and defining the job functions’ responsibilities and supervisors
  • Business Dilemma:

TASC was asked to formulate a new organizational structure that would support the organization’s growth strategy and long-term expansion while defining the job functions’ responsibilities and supervisors


  • Process:

First, TASC mapped challenges and opportunities in the current organization and defined goals for the structure change. To do so, the team conducted interviews with professional personnel within the organization and executed international comparison research with a focus on the organizational structures of direct competitors and similar companies. Then, based on several selected division principles, TASC formulated an organizational structure that would promote growth. According to the chosen organizational structure, the team defined main roles, responsibilities and supervisors for each level of the hierarchy. Lastly, an initial high-level implementation plan (including human capital-costs estimation) was designed to allow the transition to the new structure

  • Project Outcome & Impact:

The recommended organizational structure enabled the decentralization of the managerial workload from the CEO to division managers who are responsible for their regional activity, alongside the formation of a lean and effective HQ that supports the divisions’ activity. This change promotes optimal management and control alongside product responsibility at a cross-organizational level, contributing to long-term growth


For more information: Ilan Bronstein, PHD