Outsourcing strategy for a large Israeli industrial company

Reviewing the possibility of outsourcing non-core activities for one of Israel’s largest industrial companies
  • Business Dilemma:
    A challenging business environment resulted in disappointing financial results for one of Israel’s largest industrial companies and it wanted to evaluate the possibility to outsource non-core activities. This involved the sale/leaseback (plus services) of existing assets, as well as identifying what parts of its investment program should be undertaken by third parties.
  • Process:
    In the first stage, our team developed a methodology for identifying what activities are suitable for outsourcing and reviewed a long list of activities in line with the developed methodology to assess their suitability for being outsourced. Based on that assessment, TASC assisted management in the outsourcing process for several of the more suitable activities with a focus on activities outside Israel.
  • Strategic solution & impact:
    Some major activities have been outsourced to third parties, improving the company’s balance sheet. The process is ongoing.


For more information: Effi Rothmann, Effi Rothmann@tasc-consulting.com