Restructuring IDB Development’s debt – Lessons learned

Assisting IDB bond holders in analyzing the economic implications throughout the restructuring of the company’s debt
  • Business Dilemma:
    Our client had purchased a large holding of IDBD’s bonds when the company was facing a severe business downturn that led to a forced debt restructuring and change in control. Our team was commissioned to help maximize the value of our client’s holdings throughout the debt-restructuring process
  • Process:
    The process included multiple valuations of each of IDBD’s holdings (Cellcom, Shufersal, Israir, etc.) based on market-multiple analysis and DCF projections aimed at assessing both IDBD’s ability to service its debt and the value of such debt under various restructuring options. Our team also advised on the negotiations for debt restructuring and submitted various reports and financial opinions to the courts and bondholders’ committees
  • Strategic Solution & Impact:
    An agreement for a new debt structure was signed with the new IDB Group owner and our client’s bond value increased dramatically

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