Setting up a new mortgage-service center at a leading bank

Examining the concept of mortgage advisers in bank branches
  • Business Dilemma:
    A leading Israeli bank was looking to improve processes and service levels while streamlining mortgage sales and operations. Management asked our operational excellence team to examine the concept of mortgage advisers in branches to improve competitiveness and reduce costs.


  • Process:
    The project began with a mortgage benchmark that reflected the fact that many banks were separating their marketing activities from their mortgage operations. Using a linear regression model, we evaluated the potential efficiency of the new center, along with the risk assessment based on the new optional operating model. After a decision to establish a back-end mortgage center was made, the project team developed a detailed operating model that characterized the organizational structure, work processes, management routines, KPIs and FTE requirements and accompanied the clients through the changes.


  • Solution & impact:
    A mortgage customer service center was established, which led to improvements in service availability and response time, a 15% reduction in the number of FTEs, and a greater-than-10% increase in the volume of mortgage sales.

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