Spending Review methodology improvement and implementation

Assisting the PMO in improving the Spending Review methodology and implementing it within government ministries
  • Business Dilemma:
    The PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) wanted to streamline speding at government ministries. Based on international examples, the PMO formulated a systematic and consistent methodology for expenditure review to identify areas of inefficiencies and formulate efficiency plans. The PMO has asked TASC to assist in improving the methodology and implementing it within the government.
  • Process:
    TASC assisted in managing the government process (in terms of timeline, submission formats, training, steering committees, etc.) and accompanied specific ministries in the Spending Review process. Lessons from the process were used to improve the following year’s process and methodology.
  • Strategic Solution & Impact:
    The Spending Review methodology was updated based on lessons learned. TASC continues to assist the PMO in improving the methodology and assimilating it among government ministries.


For more information: Tal Bar Lahav, Tal.Bar@tasc-consulting.com