Strategic plan for a large industrial company

Formulating a five-year strategic plan and reviewing growth engines for one of Israel’s largest industrial companies
  • Business Dilemma:
    TASC was asked to shape a strategic plan to allow the company, a producer without access to cheap feedstock, to improve profitability in a market that grants competitive advantages to large-scale producers and those whose plants are located in proximity to feedstock (mainly oil and natural gas).
  • Process:
    Our team performed an in-depth analysis of the company’s activity, including analysis of the domestic and international competitive environment, international trends in the relevant market, and the activities of the company’s clients. We then conducted a complete SWOT analysis and compiled a long list of strategic alternatives and a selection of recommended alternatives according to feasibility, proximity to core capabilities, and forecasted economic impact, and formulated business plans for the chosen strategic alternatives, based on a financial model designed to forecast their impact on the company’s activity. Finally, our team assisted in contriving a high-level implementation plan for the chosen strategic alternatives.
  • Strategic solution & impact:
    The strategic plan was approved by management and was successfully implemented by the company, contributing to continuous growth.



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