Ilan Bronstein

Ilan Bronstein

Deputy CEO & Senior Partner
PhD in Organizational Psychology, Bar-Ilan University ; BA in Psychology & Communication, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Being a TASCer

“Making an impact with an excellent team”


After working for more than 10 years in the consulting industry and leading my own consulting firm, I wanted to join what I have come to know is Israel’s leading and largest consulting firm. As such, TASC offers a unique opportunity to make a large-scale impact.

Career journey

I started my consulting career as a junior organizational consultant in one of the Big 4 consulting divisions parallel to beginning my PhD studies. After four years, at the age of 28, I graduated and became the head of the organizational branch of the division. After two years as a manager at the same firm and two years as a senior organizational consultant at another, I founded my own consulting firm, which I led for almost five years with many customers in several industries. When the opportunity to join TASC and establish the Organization-Operation field came along, I took it because I knew TASC would provide an excellent foundation and the chance to work with a great team.


At TASC, people are driven to bring the best of themselves in every respect ‒ analytical thinking, teamwork, task management, customer relations and more. TASC’s DNA makes us work and think to reach our full potential. On the other hand, TASC also creates many opportunities for social connections and moments, whether on a daily basis or at parties, on trips or at other company events. It’s work hard, play hard at its best.