Itamar Abulafia

Itamar Abulafia

Strategy Principal
LL.B., Faculty of Law; MBA in banking and financial management, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Being a TASCer

“To be the best through hard work and uncompromising dedication”

Why consulting and why TASC?

After practicing law for a while, I was looking for a place where I could expand my business understanding and experience. As Israel’s top strategic consulting firm, TASC was the perfect place for me. At TASC, I get to work on the most interesting projects in the Israeli market alongside the brightest minds out there.

Career Journey

Initially, I worked at TASC as a business analyst and completed high-level analyses and deep insights into business and market positioning to advise the largest companies in Israel in all industries. Currently, as a manager, I have the opportunity to work with top-tier clients from both the private and public sectors. From the very beginning until now, I have had the opportunity to make a real impact on the business side as well as on Israeli society.

Contribution to our clients

Our added value as consultants lies in our ability to find solutions to complex problems that no one else could solve. This ability exists due to two main skills that any strategic consultant is required to have: analytical capabilities and “out of the box thinking”. By making use of these two main skills, we provide our clients with solutions to any problem they encounter and ways to generate higher profits and ensure sustainable growth.

Social activities at TASC:

The people at TASC are what matters! A bunch of brilliant individuals who are fun to work with and great at collaborating. We, the TASCers, consider ourselves as one big happy family. We go on together for vacations, enjoy the best restaurants in town, like to hang out together after hours and to participate in the ‘TASC Leisure’ activities.