Mira Awwad-Khreish

Mira Awwad-Khreish

Strategy Principal
B.A in Economics and Management from Tel Aviv University and MBA from Tel Aviv University

Being a TASCer

“being part of a family of smart, special, valuable people who make a real difference”

Why Consulting and why TASC?

I was drawn to strategic consulting because of the challenge of solving complicated business problems and making influential decisions. As the leading management consulting firm in Israel, TASC was the perfect place for me to develop this fulfilling career.

How is your day?

My days move at a thrilling pace,  shuffling between high-stakes client engagements and critical internal obligations. I collaborate intently with my team, facilitating ideation, offering guidance, and ensuring we remain on track to deliver innovative, data-driven solutions that exceed client expectations.

Contribution to our clients

Drive transformative growth and competitive dominance for clients.