Renana Weiss

Renana Weiss

org & op Excellence Manager
B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Ariel University and Master’s degree in Public Policy from the Hebrew University

Being a TASCer

“Makes every day interesting, enriching, and challengingt”


A career as an operational excellence consultant offers a combination of intellectual challenge, professional growth, and significant impact alongside the ability to be a significant player in creating organizational improvement and innovation. I chose TASC for the opportunity to influence the leading organizations in the public and business sectors.

My working day is dynamic and multifaceted involving a blend of client interactions, analysis, problem-solving, documentation, and continuous efforts to help organizations achieve their operational goals.

Contribution to our clients

I play a crucial role in helping organizations improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs, enhance quality, and optimize processes. I Identifying and implementing innovative solutions contributes directly to the success and competitiveness of organization’s clients, making their work highly rewarding and impactful.