Roni Nakar

Roni Nakar

Client Leader
B.A in Behavioural Sciences and M.A in Organizational Development and Consulting, The College of Management Academic Studies

Being a TASCer

Working in a place that is meaningful and fun at the same time

Why consulting and why TASC?

I always knew I wanted to be an organizational consultant. It has attracted me the opportunity to get to know a wide range of organizations and influence the way of life they work.
I was looking for a company that works with the biggest and best companies in the economy, that professional in its field and considered among the best consulting companies in the country.
I also received recommendations from friends about human capital in the company and that it is fun to work with it.

Practical Work

Leading organizational design processes in large departments in the public sector: Conducting organizational analysis while using combined diagnostic methods (qualitative and quantitative) based on the organization’s data bases, mapping organizational processes and crafting recommendations for organizational design changes, including redefining work processes and various roles in the organization and shaping new interfaces between different sections.

Contribution to our clients

We deal with changing organizational structure and work processes within organizations that directly affect employees. Also, the ability to influence and improve the work processes in organizations is great. Since we work a lot with the public sector, it also has a big impact on the daily lives of all citizens in the country.

Social activities at TASC

It is fun to get to work every day. There are lots of good people around you who have become my best friends in recent years. You feel there is always someone to learn and where to develop.