Shirley Mordehai

Shirley Mordehai

Org & Op Excellence Consultant
BA-Business school & political science MBA- Marketing & Organizational behavior from Hebrew University

Being a TASCer

“Interesting and passionate individuals”


I have always been interested in various subjects and wanted to integrate social and exact sciences, which led me to pursue a career in consulting. The opportunity to analyze complex data and work collaboratively with clients has been incredibly fascinating. TASC is the Israel’s premier consulting firms, which allows me to work with a range of industry and public- sector clients. As a TASC consultant, I contribute to important decisions while also developing my own personal and professional skills.


Making an impact

I help clients refine their identified problems and find appropriate solutions that align with their goals. My team and I also often provide guidance and support in implementing organizational changes. Effective communication is crucial to ensure the changes are well-received and adequately integrated into the organization.