Tom Maurice

Tom Maurice

Senior Partner, Finance
B.A in Economics and business management, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Being a TASCer

“Sending yourself a late-night email about a great idea you just thought of and want to share with your team in the morning”


Upon leaving university, I was all set to enter the commercial banking sector (where I had worked part-time as a student) when a short introduction to TASC was held at my school. From the moment I began learning about the consulting world, I was fascinated. During the hiring process, each test, interview and case study forced me to explore new ideas and rapidly learn new markets and problem-solving techniques. By the time I got the offer to join the TASC team, I could not remember why I ever wanted to take any job that would have me doing the same thing every day. Starting each day facing the challenge of being one step ahead in ever developing markets is what makes the work at TASC unique and exciting even after the better part of a decade at the firm.


No two people at TASC are the same ‒ not in education (I have worked alongside MBA grads, clinical psychologists, PHDs in biology, and philosophy grads); not in background (new immigrants, former airline pilots, kibbutz members, religious, and secular); and not in where their goals took them when they left (hired by clients, entrepreneurs, Ivy League MBAs). But the one thing I believe all TASCers have in common is their great desire to learn and grow each day. I find this common desire creates the best environment to push and challenge my own thinking by placing me in a group of active and inquisitive minds.

TASC moment to share

Over the years, there have been many memorable moments at TASC ‒ signings of multi-billion deals, ribbon-cutting ceremonies of projects you helped develop, and late-night marathon meetings trying to hammer out a deal. Of all those, one of my most memorable moments is from my first TASC getaway. For reasons I never found out, the getaway was delayed from July to October, which put us at a beautiful beach resort right in the middle of a rainstorm. All the consultants, managers and partners decided as one not to let this ruin the getaway, which led to some of the funniest outdoor pool and beach volleyball games in pouring rain (with only minor injuries). As a new consultant, I learned from this the true culture of TASC of enjoying what we do no matter what hardships we encounter along the way.