Yonatan Zevit

Yonatan Zevit

Product Strategy Manager
B.A Economics and Political Science from Tel Aviv University

Being a TASCer

“Crafting relevant, well researched and sound strategic solutions


After many years in the public sector, I chose to move to TASC for two main reasons.  As a manager at Israel’s leading consultancy firm, I get to focus on what I most enjoyed over the years – crafting relevant, well researched and sound strategic solutions. More importantly, I get to do so while working predominantly with a wide range of public-sector clients and major stakeholders in the private sector, providing me with the privilege of continuing to impact Israel’s future.


Work at TASC is intense – in the best of ways. Leading multidisciplinary teams on projects dealing with a huge variety of subject matter is a high-paced, immersive, and challenging intellectual experience. In a way, TASC is a roller coaster for your brain. Get on at your own risk and hold on tight!