Yuval Ravhon

Yuval Ravhon

Senior Financial Consultant
B.A Economy and Accounting from Tel Aviv University

Being a TASCer

“navigating complex processes while thriving in a dynamic, collaborative work environment, supported by a young, creative team”


I transitioned from my role as a CPA at one of the Big Four seeking a career that is more focused on strategic business analysis and decision-making. Consulting at TASC offers the perfect blend of these elements, allowing me to leverage my financial expertise while engaging in deeper business analytics and strategy development.


My day-to-day is dynamic, primarily focused on project finance, and extending to mergers and acquisitions (M&A)  and valuations. My role involves rigorous financial modelling, comprehensive risk assessment, and the strategic structuring of deals to enhance project viability and success. With each day bringing a fresh set of challenges, I am constantly at the forefront of developing innovative solutions that drive value and growth for our stakeholders