Zohar Rotem

Zohar Rotem

CX Associate
B.A in Cognitive Science and Psychology, M.A in Socia Psychology and Data Science, both from Ben Gurion University of the Negev. UX\UI Diploma at BEX Academy

Being a TASCer

“Reflect and provide customers insight into their current services”


As a consultant at TASC, I enjoy the diversity of subjects and fields I am exposed to. The ability to learn a new process or subject in-depth in a short time by discussing with people their experiences surprises me every time. Mostly, the feeling that even as a junior my ideas and knowledge have a place, meaning, and impact.

Day-to-day work

The Digital & Data Department and especially the Experience team are unique and provide a lot of room for growth and development both personally and professionally. On the same day, I can work on a complex design system focused on user experience, then carry out user research and interviews, later analyze service processes, and lastly have a group discussion to extract and refine what are the needs of both our clients and its users. There is no dull moment.