Growth strategy for a leading Israeli retail group

Forming a long-term strategy for a leading retail group, with a focus on retail excellence
  • Business Dilemma:
    The group had difficulty to grow for several years due to weak brand perception and increasing competition. The group was also struggling with growing operating expenses causing a decline in its profit margins. In light of these challenges, the group approached TASC in order to develop a new growth strategy.


  • Process:
    The project included a thorough research and analysis phase including local and international market analysis, customer segmentation and an in-depth review of the group’s activities and assets. The strategic alternatives were developed with three main goals in mind:
  • Increasing current retail activity
  • Strengthening the competitive positioning
  • Developing future growth alternatives. The strategic alternatives were prioritized and a robust business plan was built for the chosen strategy.


  • Strategic solution & impact:
    The group implemented the recommended strategic plan which led to a significant increase in revenues. In addition, TASC accompanied the M&A process of purchasing an eCommerce platform, which today is responsible for a substantial portion of the retailer’s growth.

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