Finance & Capital

Our Approach
TASC recognizes that any strategic plan is only as good as the ability of the client to raise the funds required to implement it.
Experienced, dedicated team and out-of-the-box thinking help our clients find the solutions to finance their plans and stay a step ahead of the competition.
TASC has repeatedly been ranked by Thomson Reuter’s Project Finance International Magazine as one of the 10 leading financial consultancy firms in the EMEA region.
Our Solutions
We provide clients with innovative and comprehensive financial advisory services for a variety of assignments. Our services include:
  • Financial strategy
  • Structuring of non-recourse finance solutions
  • Tender bid advisory
  • Tender structuring
  • Advisory in Mergers & Acquisitions processes
  • Valuations of corporations and projects
  • Debt restructuring
  • Equity raising through investors and IPO's
  • Corporate debt raising
  • Financial modeling
Our Clients
TASC’s experience allows us to consult for a broad range of clients in the private and public sectors public and private companies, project developers, equity investors, bondholders, and banks. TASC also advises various government entities in the structuring of financial solutions for the development of key mega-projects.

Relevant Experience: Case Studies

TASC assisted an international consortium in the tender process of the Jerusalem Light rail network (Jnet)

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Assisting an international consortium in the tender process of the Jerusalem Light rail network (Jnet)

Valuation and tender advice in the acquisition of a controlling stake in Israel’s leading telecommunications company

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Acquisition of a leading telecommunications company

Valuation of Israel’s leading food wholesaler for the propose of refinancing its debt

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Refinancing the debt of Israel’s leading food wholesaler

Assisting IDB bond holders in analyzing the economic implications throughout the restructuring of the company’s debt

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Restructuring IDB Development’s debt - Lessons learnt

TASC advised a consortium of developers led by Shikun & Binui in a BOT project for a new 121MW CSP plant in southern Israel.

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Financing a $ 1 Billion solar-power project in Israel

Consultation to Zim’s bondholders during the company’s debt- restructuring process

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Restructuring the debt of a global shipping company

Financial advisory to government agencies in tendering large-scale infrastructure BOT/PFI projects

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Consulting for the Government of Israel in its largest infrastructure BOTs

Our team advised management of Israel’s leading petrochemical refinery in the restructuring of its debt

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Refinery debt restructuring

Advised the Jewish Agency for Israel in the financing of a ~1 bn NIS project for construction and operation of +2,500 public housing units

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Financing Over 2,500 public housing units