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Assaf Ofer

CEO of HOT Mobile

Asaf Ofer joined TASC in 1999 when the Israeli telecom and communications market was in its early stages. At the time, Pelephone, the first company to offer mobile-phone service in Israel, was a client of TASC. Ofer and Ilan Schory, the CEO and leading partner of the telecom division, worked with Pelephone on a number of projects involving 3G and the introduction of a virtual operator with Virgin Mobile. After four years, during which Ofer became a manager at TASC, he moved over to the other side, taking on senior management positions at Pelephone. From there, he moved on to HOT where he became CEO of HOT Mobile.

“TASC is a great school for anyone aspiring to management positions because it teaches how to build a company’s vision, how to apply that vision in work plans, and how to make it materialize”

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Miri Yahlom-Kolnik

Strategy VP of Plasson Industries

Miri Yahlom-Kolnik arrived at TASC in 2010 after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in economics and business administration from Tel Aviv University. She worked at TASC for four years during which she was promoted to manager and found the time to get married, have two lovely children, and get an MBA degree.

She specialized in energy, infrastructure & traditional industry at TASC and left the company in 2015, moving to Plasson Industries, a global leader in the manufacture and marketing of PE fittings. Today, Yahalom-Kolnik is the VP Strategy at Plasson.

“Working with bright, young people is a privilege that is not available at many workplaces”

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Anat Erlich

MBA student at Harvard Business School

Anat Erlich studied electrical engineering at Tel Aviv University and worked at IBM as a software engineer. Deciding to change her career, Erlich joined TASC to experience the business world. She worked at TASC for about three and a half years during which she became a manager in the energy and infrastructure area, gaining better knowledge about the business world and growing very fond of it. Consequently, she began studies for a business degree at Harvard.

“Familiarity with major important processes in the Israeli market broadened my horizon significantly. The way you are taught at Harvard is different than the way they teach you in Israel.”

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