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Mira Awwad

Co-founder & CEO of Mirrori

Mira Awwad joined TASC with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Management from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from Duke University and Tel Aviv University. Mira worked at TASC for five years and left the company as a principal.

At TASC, Mira specialized in TMT and Consumer Goods practices, focusing primarily on the digital world and combining her extensive knowledge to create innovative solutions. Mira left TASC for the world of entrepreneurship and founded a beauty-tech company called “Mirrori”. Mira is responsible for Mirrori’s overall management, business development, and funding.

“Being a TASCer means being part of a family of smart, special, valuable people who make a real difference”

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Miri Yahlom-Kolnik

COO at Spectralics

Miri Yahlom-Kolnik joined TASC after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in economics and management from Tel Aviv University. She worked at TASC for four years during which she was promoted to manager and found the time to get married, have two lovely children, and get an MBA degree.

She specialized in energy, infrastructure & traditional industry at TASC and left the company, moving to Plasson Industries, a global leader in the manufacture and marketing of PE fittings. Today, after being the VP Strategy at Plasson, Miri is the Head of Plasson Digital.

“Working with bright, young people is a privilege that is not available at many workplaces”