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Counseling in the Auction for 5G Spectrum

The 5G tender, which took place in August 2020, was the opening shot of the 5G revolution in Israel. TASC assisted a leading mobile network provider in evaluating the auctioned spectrum value, developing a business plan for deployment investments, and designing a bidding strategy.

The client participated in the auction and won the desired amount of spectrum while paying the lowest price of all competitors

Monitoring & Overseeing the Application of Government Resolutions 922 & 1480

Monitoring the execution status, budget allocation and utilization, success indexes, and obstacles of all projects and sections within the 5-year economic development plans for Arab society, valued at NIS 15 billion.

The project accompanies the Economic Development Authority in 58 Arab local municipalities and 17 government offices.

Characterization of the Future Hospital

TASC accompanied the Ministry of Health in the characterization process of Israeli hospitals in the future. TASC built projections for the next decade and more, including future service needs and recommendations for required pricing models and budgeting changes.

The recommendations were submitted to the Director-General of the Ministry of Health and presented to a wide range of health stakeholders.

Assisting an international Consortium in the Tender Process of the Jerusalem Light Rail Network (Jnet)

The consortium was awarded the concession after a competitive bid in Q4 2019. Financial close was reached on schedule in Q4 2020, construction works are ongoing, and TASC supports our clients in project implementation.

Formulating the National Digital Strategic Plan for the Israeli Government

The plan was fully adopted by the Bureau’s directors. It was later ratified by a government resolution (No. 2273, dated June 11th, 2017). It is currently being implemented across the Israeli government offices.

Strategic Consulting to Israel Electric Company Regarding the Electricity Market Reform

A market sector reform was agreed upon with the government