Make a difference

Constructing a 5-year economic plan for Israel’s Arab sector valued at NIS 15 billion.

The project resulted in a roadmap for changing budgetary allocation mechanisms of various ministries, ensuring that Arab citizens would be budgeted in accordance with their 20% share society and often with preferential resource allocation.

The program has been authorized by the Knesset and TASC’s team is working on implementation of the program.

Formulating the national digital strategic plan for the Israeli government

The plan was fully adopted by the Bureau’s directors and was later ratified by a government resolution (No. 2273, dated June 11th, 2017). It is currently being implemented across the Israeli government offices.

Assisting a top-tier media group in establishing a new, digital video platform

TASC’s recommended business plan was fully adopted by the board, and a new media initiative was launched, later to become Israel’s leading video platform

Strategic plan for a subsidiary of Israel’s largest HMO

The strategy was approved by the company’s management and implemented in the following years’ work plan

Strategic consulting to Israel Electric Company electricity market reform

A market sector reform was agreed with the government

Helping a medium sized bank decide upon and undergo a dramatic, market changing merger

The acquisition was approved, the deal went through and the merger was completed successfully. The post-merger strategic plan was carried out, positioning the integrated bank as one of the leading banks in the country.

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