Learn & Develop

“TASC - Wize” - A weekly collaborative learning meetup

The entire organization gathers on Thursday afternoons to hear a variety of lectures:

 Guest Lectures from Industry Professionals in all practices- CEOs, Business Executives and specialists in a variety of disciplines

Collaborative Learning and knowledge sharing each team takes their turn in introducing  completed projects’ turnover and lessons learnt, introduction to markets and methodologies

“The wize time on Thursdays is part of what I enjoy most of TASC”

Professional Development all the way

In TASC we believe that you learn best by both being a student and a teacher, a trainer& a trainee

 Welcome training – a skill specific training program for junior consultants moderated by senior consultants and accompanied by a supporting booklet

Role-specific Offsite workshops:

  • The TASC Way: where junior consultants learn the basic methodological framework used in TASC. By analyzing a real-life business case and simulating the entire real project lifecycle
  • Presentation Skills: experienced consultants learn the art of negotiation, presentation & customer facing skills to help them deal with their expanded responsibilities
  • Managerial Skillset: dynamic content to ensure that  our managers are  innovative, creative and true leaders

On the Job Training & Specialization: While as a junior consultant you are exposed to various disciplines, as you progress you start specializing in 1-2 disciplines of your choice and become an integral part of the core team

Mentoring – taking care of your professional development

TASC provides personal mentoring processes for each employee, according to its needs.

Each consultant receives one of the company’s partner as a mentor, which helps him plan his career path inside TASC and beyond, share his experience and insights. The real-life is fully committed to this process Role-specificand mentoring meetings are held quarterly, with each consultant.

Additionally, each consultant has a personal manager, either as a manager or principal level, which accompanies him closely during his years in the organization. The personal manager provides a 360 view of the consultant’s needs, abilities and aspirations, as consultants in TASC work on a project base with several professional managers. The personal manager helps the consultant tailor his development plan across projects, strengthen his skills and provide tools for improvement.

 “Mentoring in TASC is done every day by everyone”

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